By Donna Hanks on 6th July 2018

Seventeen years ago today, I started my business Donna Hanks Advertising.
Very fitting that the 4th of July symbolises independence, and the Statue of Liberty is the universal symbol of freedom.
I am self-employed for these exact reasons - independence and freedom 
My business has evolved into Love Heart; self-development coaching and writing, 
while I still consult in advertising - both are my passions 

Since being self-employed, I have worked in various media jobs and enjoyed them for a short time, only to return to my beloved business.

Thank you to all my clients and supporters of my career, you are greatly appreciated 
If you have a big goal, keep going, persevere, have faith, believe and you will have it.

Please listen to the accompanying audio - and by the way - I still often work from my kitchen table.

Love Donna