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I Love You

Love Yourself and Love Others for a Fulfilling Life
By Donna Hanks

There are so many unhappy people in the world. But moving from unhappy to happy is a lot easier than people might think. It begins with positive thinking and self-love.

Donna Hanks, a self-development author and coach, explores how to lead a more fulfilling life by moving past hurt, shunning the need for approval, and overcoming beliefs that prevent you from taking charge of your life.

Her main message is that being happy starts with loving yourself, being you, and being true to yourself. You can have anything you want, you can change anything you want, and you can create anything you want—as long as you believe you can do it!

If something in your life is not working, then it’s time to think differently. Change your actions, thoughts, and feelings and take responsibility for your future by applying the strategies in I Love You.

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